Speech therapist

Opening hours

Tuesdays 16h30 - 18h 30

Households and schools at a time to be agreed


Language: Portuguese

Facial Oro : Portuguese and English

Professional experience

• Centro de Medicina Física e de Reabilitação do Alcoitão, Adult Rehabilitation and Palliative Care Department

• Fisio-Lógica Clinic
• LinQUE

• Home calls

• Intervention at schools: Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of speech, oral and written language pathologies in pre-school and school age children, as well as alterations in communication or speech with neurological causes, in private and public schools in the Lisbon, Cascais and Loures areas.


• Master’s in Speech Therapy specialising in Complex Communication Needs

• Degree in Speech Therapy

• Post-graduate degree in Oro-Pharyngeal Dysphagia

• Student in the Master’s in Health Management, Escola Nacional de Saúde Pública - Universidade Nova de Lisboa
• Annual Course in Macrobiotic Cooking, Instituto Macrobiótico de Portugal
• Electrostimulation Applied to Speech Therapy, at EPAP
• Training in Neurolinguistic Programming (Practionner, InPNL), 2017
• Time Management – E-learning
• Speech Sound Disorders - Caroline Bowen
Course in the Application of the Neuromuscular Band Cure Tape in Speech Therapy,

10 hours, with Joaquim Coutinho
Course in Boquinhas Method – “Reading and Writing Disorders and Difficulties and

Literacy with Boquinhas”, 18H, Mafalda Caeiro - Therapist
• Training in Basic Life Support - Centro de Medicina Física e Rehabilitação do Alcoitão, 10 hours
• Advanced Training in Language Engineering - Technologies to Support Complex Communication Needs – Instituto de Ciências da Saúde, Universidade Católica
• Workshop entitled "Assessment of Language Skills for Reading and Writing” at ACCLE, 3 hours
• Training in Supported Conversation in Aphasia. Aphasia Institute - Toronto, Canada
• Certified Trainer – Initial Course in Pedagogical Teacher Training (CAP)

• Workshop entitled "Phonological Knowledge vs Speech and Writing",

at Relicário de Sons, 18 hours

• Course in Optimisation of Manual Techniques for Speech Therapists,

Pombeiro e Neves, 25 hours

• Workshop entitled “Manual Circumlaryngeal techniques in the assessment and management of voice disorders”, with Prof. Nelson Roy, 2 hours

• Worshop entitled "Intervention of the Speech Therapist in Facial Palsy", with Isabel Rasgado Rodrigues and Marc Reis, Physiotherapists, 6 hours