Power Pilates is a fusion between Clinical Pilates and Functional Training. This innovative method combines

the benefits of both types of exercise.

Our Power Pilates classes enhance your workout in all muscle chains, while maintaining posture, controlled breathing and core muscle activation.


Power Pilates is a completely safe method, implemented by physiotherapists. It is recommended

for everyone whether you have

a medical condition or not. It is also highly recommended during

pregnancy and postpartum.

General Practice

Primary health care (biopsychosocial model). 


We offer a personalized and continuous approach, tailored to each person’s needs. Screening for and prevention of the most common conditions, as well as the most likely diseases for each person, taking into account risk factors, personal background and family history. Diagnostic and therapeutic management of any pathology, regardless of medical specialty, taking into account that certain psychological conditions may manifest as physical symptoms. Close connection and referral to other specialties, as necessary.

Gynaecology- Obstetrics

This specialty follows a woman through life from teenage years to the menopausal years.


 In your Gynaecology appointments,

we address and focus on prevention, diagnosis and treatment of pathologies of the female reproductive system

as well as physiological alterations

that require clinical guidance.

In your obstetrics consultation,

you will be regularly accompanied

from the pre-conception period,

during pregnancy and then during

the postpartum phase.


Pediatrics is the medical specialty dedicated to assisting the newborn up to 18 years old, in its various aspects, whether preventive or curative.

At the Power Clinic, in addition

to technical skills, we bet on an attentive, available and caring Pediatrician with children.

Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery

Speciality dedicated to the treatment of congenital malformations and correction of after-effects from trauma or previous surgeries.

We also have clinical and/or surgical solutions to improve your full well-being through improved body contouring (liposuction, mammoplasty, abdominoplasty) or combating facial aging (botulinum toxin, facial filling).


Physiotherapy provides quality of life

to every individual (adults and children), either during an injury/disease

or as prevention.

We can assist in the field of Neurology, for the recovery of peripheral or central nervous system injuries that may affect movement or cause pain. In the Cardiorespiratory area, we provide assistance with pathologies that cause increased secretions in the airways

or restriction of lung volume and capacity. In the Musculoskeletal field our practice helps in the avoidance of pain and injury. We also provide assistance after traumatic injuries, fractures, surgeries or pain.

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy

The Pelvic Floor is composed of the muscles and ligaments that form the base of the pelvis, which support and help maintain the function of the pelvic organs: the bladder, rectum and uterus. 

Main pelvic floor disorders are urinary incontinence, overactive bladder, difficulty in defecating, faecal incontinence, pelvic pain, sexual symptoms, and pelvic organ prolapse.

Physiotherapy is the first conservative approach for rehabilitation

and prevention of these disorders, assisting also in preparation for labour and delivery.

Paediatric Respiratory Physiotherapy

Respiratory Physiotherapy is of a set of manual techniques which contribute to clearing the baby's airways.

It is recommended for any of the following symptoms: obstruction

of airways (wheezing, overproduction

of secretions) productive cough, rhinorrhoea (nasal discharge), difficulty in breathing and/or expelling secretions, and altered sleep, appetite

or behavioural patterns. If you observe any of these symptoms in your baby, respiratory physiotherapy

is an effective solution.



The major objective of Osteopathy is to restore the individual's balance, assuming that "The structure governs function" seeks to restore good mobility between the different tissues of the body, in order to facilitate its good function.


It uses manual techniques for diagnosis and treatment, based on knowledge of anatomy, physiology, pathology and biomechanics.

Paediatric Osteopathy

Paediatric osteopathy uses soft, painless manual techniques. We work with babies and children who suffer from torticollis, constipation and colic, babies who show discomfort with excessive crying, recurrent ear infections, plagiocephaly and other cranial deformities, gastroesophageal reflux, brachial plexus injury and problems with breastfeeding due to difficulty related to suction, among others.


Our osteopath, when assessing the baby, will check for the presence of adequate mobility and normal tension of all tissues, so as to rule out growth asymmetries and future neural compressions, such as the cranial nerves in the eye and those responsible for swallowing, as well as the tongue muscles, for example, which cross several intracranial structures. These structures should maintain normal movement in order to facilitate their correct function. 

Global posture reeducation

It is a specialization of physiotherapy that assesses, treats and corrects pathologies of the neuro-musculoskeletal system.

A global postural approach to the patient, his problem and the consequences for his posture.

It can be done at any age, in an acute or chronic phase of the problem.

Physiotherapy in Cancer treatment

Functional Recovery

• Breast surgery

• Oncological Surgery

• Manual lymphatic drainage

Our physiotherapist in oncology has an important role in improving the quality of life of patients, promoting functional, physical and emotional recovery, using various techniques. We assist with pain relief, scar mobilization techniques, drainage of the affected area, postural correction and increased joint and general mobility in order to re-establish daily activities. Our goal is to always prevent and treat possible complications such as: lymphedema, fibrosis, scar adhesions, retractions, presence of seroma, decrease in range of motion, muscle weakness, postural and respiratory alterations and pain.

Performance & wellness in sport

Practice implemented by physiotherapists, which consists of assessing the athlete, including injuries and anatomical areas at risk, and accompanying them in complementary and strengthening training. The goal is to improve performance and reduce pain and / or risk of injury in the sport of each person.

Holistic Nutrition Coaching

Our consultation will listen, guide, inspire, support and nourish the person using a holistic approach. 

We will work on providing you with advice on healthy, pure and nutritious food and lifestyle. Setting goals, overcoming difficulties and creating enjoyment in practicing self-care and getting closer to the best possible version of yourself. Depending on your objectives, we work on different topics:

- Learning about new foods and how to use them in everyday life;

- Nutrition in pregnancy and postpartum;

- Healthy food for your baby;

- Reaching your ideal weight;

- Reducing cravings;

- Increasing energy;

- Planning shopping and menus;

- Learning to read food labels;

- Managing time, stress and anxiety;

- Guiding each individual on a one-way path of self-love and acceptance and personal development.

Grief Counselling


Grief is an expected reaction and process, resulting from the loss of a loved one (parents, children, miscarriages, pets, etc.) or a significant change in a person's life (illness, unemployment, retirement, divorce, moving abroad, etc.).

This consultation will support the individual during their time of grief, in a safe and trustworthy environment, to help them adapt to their new reality at their own pace. 


Evaluation and counselling for psychological, affective and physical problems that trigger psychological discomfort. Our counselling promotes well-being and personal autonomy, capacity to deal with personal difficulties and obstacles, for better adaptation, integration and growth.

Areas of intervention:

Anxiety, panic attacks and phobias;

Depression; Stress; Personality disorders; Sleep disorders;

Traumatic life events (bereavement, divorce, unemployment, etc.); Problems related to family dynamics; Crisis situations.


The modern world has brought parents new challenges in raising their children.


Although there is a lot of information today on how to help a future adult grow, this growth requires a number of skills parents must learn.

In our parental counselling consultation, our therapist analyses with parents the behaviour, emotions or life events (e.g. divorce, birth of a sibling, death of a loved one) of their children. The goal is to improve the relationship and communication between parents and children, in a safe, supportive and harmonious environment.

Speech Therapy

"The speech therapist is responsible for prevention, assessment, intervention and scientific study of human communication disorders, encompassing not only functions associated with the understanding and expression of oral and written language, but also other forms of non-verbal communication". (ASHA, 2007)

A speech therapist may work with children, adults and the elderly, who present changes in communication, speech, language, fluency (stammering), chewing and swallowing, reading/writing or voice, due to developmental changes or neurological causes.

Pregnancy Counselling


This consultation is focused

on the pregnant woman, whilst also ensuring that fathers have an active role. According to gestational age

and taking into account your individual needs as well as your family’s,

we will inform, teach, train and validate, while preparing you and your family

for delivery and parenting. We provide

a helping hand to support you. Information on pregnancy care, labour, delivery, postpartum

and the role of the partner.

Breastfeeding Counselling


In this consultation we offer specialised support in breastfeeding, provided by our nurse specialised in Paediatrics and certified by the IBCLC (International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners). In this consultation you can clear your doubts and get support for difficulties you may experience while breastfeeding your baby.

Curso de Preparação para o nascimento e parentalidade


de Primeiros Socorros Pediátricos


Neste workshop pretendemos capacitar os pais a prestar os primeiros cuidados aos seus filhos no caso de acidentes domésticos comuns como quedas, queimaduras, afogamento, ingestão de produtos tóxicos, entre outros. O curso inclui também o ensino das manobras de Suporte Básico de Vida, com componente teórica e prática. 

Postpartum consultation


Conducted by a Nurse Specialist in Maternal Health and Obstetrics, this consultation aims to monitor the health conditions of the mother in the postpartum period, clarifying doubts and carrying out teaching.

In this way, it is intended to support the transition and adaptation process for parenting and to evaluate the health of the puerperal woman and to promote her self-care.

A helpline and support.

Baby Counselling


During this consultation, the baby’s general condition and development is observed and evaluated. We offer holistic, family-centred care in a place where parents can voice their doubts, get helpful advice and so be able to care for their baby in the best possible way. We screen for common problems associated with each age group as well as providing an initial assessment and subsequent screening in case of acute illness. 

Fertility Care

Fertility care is a gynaecological and reproductive health educational system based on self-observation and recording of cervical mucus according to a Vaginal Discharge Recording System (VRD), which allows the identification of various biomarkers.

It can be used to plan or space pregnancies by selecting fertile or infertile days according to the couple's intent.

However, more than a family planning method, it is a health monitoring system. Biomarkers such as length of menstrual cycle, length of post peak phase, pre-menstrual spotting, dry or continuous discharge cycles, intense menstrual pain, menstrual irregularities or heavy bleeding can guide medical diagnosis more accurately by promoting prevention and more targeted intervention.