Physiotherapist / Osteopath

Professional experience

• Osteopath Physiotherapist and coordinator at Clínica Azambuja Saúde since 2010 intervening in the areas of skeletal muscle, neurology, pediatrics, geriatrics, oncology, atm disorders and occlusion, pediatric scoliosis consultation, using the Global Postural Reeducation (RPG) method, intervention in Health of women, clinical pilates classes, pre and postpartum.

• Osteopath Physiotherapist at Clinicas Viver, integrating multidisciplinary team with an integrative and humanistic medical approach, since 2019;

• Osteopath Physiotherapist at Clinisete where she develops a RPG consultation aimed at correcting and treating postural changes, scoliosis, herniated discs, pregnancy and low back pain.

• Osteopath Physiotherapist in the ORAL PROJECT group, dental medicine, in Azambuja and Lisbon, articulating with the consultation of occlusion, orthodontics and dental medicine, since 2019;

• Osteopath physiotherapist at KINETIC (2018-2019)

• Osteopath Physiotherapist at Clínica Manustrata (2016-2018);

• Physiotherapist at Hospital Cuf Descobertas (2003-2012) intervening in the areas of orthopedics, neurology, neurosurgery, pediatrics, pediatric urgency, adult intensive care and neonatology, oncology and plastic and reconstructive surgery. Physiotherapist in the multidisciplinary breast team, in conjunction with the John Hoppkins Hospital in the USA (2006-2010).

• RPG consultation for scoliosis in adolescence, in coordination with the orthopedics team (2011-2012);

• Socia Founder, coordinator and volunteer at UPA! - Psychopedagogical unit of Azambuja, integrating a multidisciplinary team to support children in need, in articulation with CADIM and DIFERENÇAS (2004-2010)


• Licensed by the Higher Health School of Alcoitão (2002)

• Physiotherapy intervention course in neonatal intensive care, by GIFP, (2005)

• Specialization course of the LEDUC Method, in the areas of edema treatment, manual lymphatic drainage, multilayer bands and pressotherapy, at the Brussels Drainage School (2006), followed by a professional internship at the Portuguese Institute of Oncology (IPO)

• Neuromuscular Bands Course, by Marc Van ZUllen, under the tutelage of ESTESL, (2007)

• Training in the Global Postural Reeducation Method (RPG) by Philipe Shouchard, from Saint Mont University, Franca (2008)

• Manipulative and myotensive techniques course on the spine, pelvis and extremities, taught by David Ponce, in the high performance center of Barcelona (2010)